Privacy Policy

Enquiry persuant to Privacy Agreement and Personal Data Protection Law

1. This agreement provides for how to use and protect user’s data. These rules indicate what you are required to do when you don’t need your personal information to be collected and how to change such information. Hotel ON7 will not share your information with others without your prior consent.

2. The site sends “Cookies” to your computer to enable all features of the website and to facilitate the usage of the site. You can deny the Cookies.  Hotel ON7 will not share the information collected from the Cookies with third parties unleass otherwise there is a legal obligation.

3. All personal information will be sent to  Hotel ON7 database upon your approval. İn case of disapproval, your information will not be registered to the database. Hotel ON7 will not issue your information without your approval.

4. Your information may not be used outside Hotel ON7 and with others. All users who previously accepted and acknowldged such sharing conditions agreed on the foregoing.

5. Hotel ON7 is hereby responsible of all proecudres relating to data, such as collecting, storing, saving and changing the personal data persuant to Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698. Hotel ON7 hereby acknowledged that all proceedings related to damages resulting from illegal processing of data under law No. 6698 shall be applied.

You shall agree and acknowledge that data provision, clarification and enquiry have been made by Hotel ON7 under Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698.

You may obtain any information on how to process your data, such as obtaining, storing, saving and changing your personal data from Hotel ON7 as it is responsible of the data. You may also request to change and remove your personal data.

6. You shall irrevocably accept privacy conditions in full, as well as the foregoing legal precautions, to use the website, even if the process is not relating to approval of these conditions.

  • Hotel ON7 shall have the right to amend the Website usage contract and privacy conditions unilaterally.
  • Hotel ON7 is entitled to transfer the rights and obligations of the website and the agreement to third parties. Hotel ON7 companies group is entitled to all rights resulting from this agreement.

Centeral Courts of Sakarya is the competent courts to consider any and all disputes reulting from the use of the website and this agreement. Evidinces shall include all Commercial Registers of Hotel ON7 and its computer logs.

Your personal data will be recorded in our order system, and data relating to services and products will be saved for marketing purposes. They will be sent to relevant companies. Your personal data may not be publicly shared. You may contact the officer in charge with changing your data at the below address, wich shall be provided for at the conclusion of the agreement persuant to Article 7 of Personal Rights Protection Law.

Hotel ON7, Kemal Pasha District – Kanan Sofo Oglu Road – Street No. 111 – 10-A Serdivan / Sakarya
00 90 264 275 17 17